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Course Description: The course aims to increase the knowledge of the students on the current and expected trends as well as international standards and regulations on migration management and migration policies. After the successful completion of the course, the students:

  • ·should have acquired knowledge and be able to analyze the different forms, benefits and costs of migration
  • ·should have acquired critical understanding of the drivers and main currents of migration
  • ·should have acquired knowledge on the international instruments for the regulation and management of the migration
  • ·should be able to analyze policies put in place by countries of origin and destination countries to deal with the identified issues.

Teaching methods:

Lecturing - the instructor presents the topic by use of previously given reading materials. During the lecture the instructor will interact with the students through asking the questions. The lecture is accompanied by Power Point presentation, video materials or other.

Discussions - the in-class discussions are promoted after the lecturing sessions. Discussions are held by using the mixed method of free and moderated discussions.

Individual work - the instructor tasks the students to prepare short reports on particular topics, cases, their observations for the following class.

Main topics to be covered

Topic 1. Migration overview

·Motivations for migration

·Types of the migration: Temporary and permanent migration; Regular and irregular migration

Topic 2. Profile of Armenia: Migration

·Specifics and main destinations for Armenian migrants

Topic 3. Migration Policy

·Migration management and policies

Topic 4. Migration policy from Receiving Country perspective

·Immigration policy

·Policy on highly skilled workers

·Policy on seasonal workers

·Policy on integration of non-nationals

·Policy on family reunification

Topic 5. Migration Policy from Sending Country (Country of origin) perspective

·Policy on emigration

·Policy on return and reintegration

·Households and Remittances

Topic 6. Policy on refugees and asylum seekers

Topic 7. The role of the Diaspora in the Migration Policies

Topic 8. Migration policy in Armenia

Topic 9. Bilateral and Multilateral Agreement

Agreement with the EU, Russia

Simplified scheme for Armenian migrants in Poland